What should I pay attention to when camping? After receiving the play strategy, set off

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Who did not move the heart is far. If you plan to go to the outdoor camping partner during the holidays, please bring this strategy, especially the first time you go to the outdoor camp for the first time, the equipment must be ready, and you must know the situation of the camping around Shenyang in order to have a perfect holiday camping. trip.

Receive and practical equipment

Since it is going to camping, then tents, sleeping bags, and floor mats are essential, and most people will spend the night in camping, so headlights, camp lights and sanitary products must be prepared, such as toilet paper, wet towel paper, Towels and toothbrushes are all necessary. It is best to prepare another compressed bucket.

As for your own equipment, you need to wear climbing shoes or light sports and leisure shoes, and waterproof jackets. If you want to camp in the mountains, you need a mountaineering stick. Other small fragmented also thinks about sweating socks, sun hats, gloves, glasses, backpacks, etc. Then there is picnic utensils, including gas tanks, stoves and simple aluminum pots and rice bowls. As for the specific food, it is enough to prepare enough preparation according to personal preferences and time to stay, but water is very important. To prepare outdoor kettle and heat preservation kettle, you can also carry some water purification slices.

Camping is safe and comfortable

The most important part of outdoor camping is to build tents. This is a place for diet. It is not necessary to be strong and safe, and comfortable and warm.

First of all, try to build a tent as much as possible on a hard and flat ground, instead of camp on the banks of the river or dry river bed, or on the high ground, under high trees or more isolated flat land. Secondly, the entrance to the tent should be carried out, and the four corners of the tent should be pressed with large rocks. If it is a camp that needs to live for more than two days, in the case of good weather, you should choose a shade place to camp. For example, if it is under the big tree and the north of the mountain, it is best to east, not to the west. Rest in the tent and don’t feel too hot. Finally, the tent should keep the air circulation, and cook in the tent to prevent fire. Before going to bed, check whether all the flames are extinguished and whether the tent is fixed and strong.

What should I pay attention to when camping? After receiving the play strategy, set off

The camp is natural and the suburbs

In fact, there is no need to go far. There are many good places suitable for camping barbecue around Shenyang. These places are not far from the city, and they are close to nature, and the basic conditions are ready. Let’s have a happy journey to relax your body and mind.

In Qipan Mountain, there is Huaxi Ranch, which is true mountains and water, bathing in nature with all your heart; in Shenyang Forest Park, there is a Longtanyu outdoor camp, mainly for forest camping and light luxury life experience; You can book forest wooden houses, European tents, and Shenyang Xigu cultural leisure town. It can be said that it is located in Chengdu, which is located on the side of Shenyang; There are also some Internet celebrities, which are suitable for children to play. As for the ready -made RV camps and tent camps, there are all directions around Shenyang City.

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