Several outdoor necessary outdoor equipment, outdoor travel necessary equipment to share

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Many friends want to go outdoors for a walk and exercise in their spare time, relax, but if the equipment is not ready to go outdoors, the experience will be really poor, if you do not know what to prepare, I will share a few very suitable for outdoor equipment.

1, the healthiest black technology bone conduction headset: South Carolina Neo

Bone conduction earphone is a type of earphone that professional sports players are very fond of. Its unique sound transmission design makes it safer to use in outdoor sports. South Carolina’s bone conduction earphone is a very popular type in professional sports circles, and everyone has one earphone in sports circles.

The sound quality of South Carolina Neo is absolutely superior to bone conduction headphones on the market, and the sound quality is full of stereo listening, and the exclusive South Carolina “loud” high-efficiency vibrator is used to optimize the direction of sound transmission. The sound quality sounds more sensible, and the headset leakage reduction technology is never dropped, and the exclusive OT closure leakage reduction technology 3.0 reduces the headset leakage phenomenon to a minimum.

South Carolina Neo has a great improvement in comfort, compared with the previous more comfortable and stable, the use of medical silicone with high resilience memory titanium alloy, seamless fit ear curve, sports wear more comfortable, more firm, more suitable for Chinese people to wear.

South Carolina Neo with a variety of strong improvements, the first wireless charging design, in the bone conduction headset is a very industry-leading improvement, support Qualcomm 5.2 Bluetooth chip, not only the signal transmission is more stable, headset sound quality is more fidelity, support lossless sound quality transmission, sound quality restoration, stronger experience.

2, Garmin Epix Pro Sports Watch

Epix Pro has built-in SATIQ and multi-frequency multi-star positioning technology, using multiple frequency bands and multiple satellites for positioning. By receiving signals from different frequency bands, it can reduce the error and interference of signals and improve the accuracy of positioning. At the same time, the use of multiple satellites can increase the stability of positioning, even if a satellite signal is interfered with or blocked, the signal of other satellites can still provide positioning information.

The Epix Pro’s SatIQ technology also optimizes battery life while maintaining positioning accuracy, preventing the watch from running low when outdoors. I usually like climbing, last week took advantage of the sunny just went, specially tested it, the whole performance is very good, the star search speed is very fast, basically two or three seconds jumped out, positioning accuracy is also very high, the error is very small. And there are real-time physical value monitoring, led lighting function should come in handy, riding also has climbing planning can help. Overall, the Epix Pro is a very professional outdoor sports watch.

3, Norland three-in-one hardshell jacket

Founded in Austria in 1973, the main domestic market after entering China in 2003, and began to produce in China in 2011, which is a half domestic brand, saving customs fees so the price becomes more affordable. The use of professional grade fabric, cost-effective, that is, the storm jacket series is not much! Use exotherm professional waterproof fabric and waterproof breathable film, there is a layer of anti-splash coating outside, greater waterproof and windproof, and ensure internal sweat, ensure dry travel. pro100 fleece inner liner, windproof and cold, fluffy and delicate touch, can be freely disassembled. Outdoor hiking enthusiasts or want to carry out a certain degree of outdoor mountaineering, you can consider this model, the performance is good. Discount, the price is very good!

4, Dandelion X4U portable WIFI

Dandelion X4U is built-in traffic card, activation will send a 10GB traffic trial, when the use is not bad, I will directly package the year, calculate down more than 40 per month there are 3000G can be used, 1G about a penny, it is quite cost-effective. Then look at the next, dandelion’s built-in card and Huawei Skypass card, are direct cooperation with Unicom, the same annual package price, can use 1000G each month. And outdoors, sometimes not all carriers will have good signal, my dual SIM phone is telecom and mobile, and the Dandelion X4U happens to be Unicom, then for me, just right, I can have the strongest signal no matter what! It can connect a total of 9 devices, usually they are completely enough to say, and there is no pressure to share with family, friends and colleagues. In terms of speed, I tested it outdoors between 5-10M, and now there is no big difference between 4G and 5G itself, I think the speed is fully adequate. Then, dandelion and sunflower remote control of the company, more than ten years of the old company, quality and after-sales is also more credit and protection, I think it is not a loss, there is a need to start.

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