What good things do you recommend for outdoor camping equipment?

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April spring is the most suitable season for camping, choose a good weather, about three or five friends in the outdoor breeze, watching the sunset to feel the fun of spring camping.

And give everyone a wave of Amway camping goodies. Article equipment introduction is mainly divided into the following four categories:

1. Sleep system

A. Tent selection: When choosing a tent, you can choose according to the number of users and use scenarios. Material can be divided into cotton tents & nylon tents. At the same time, there are different points in the season of use: three quarter accounts/four season accounts.

Three seasons: suitable for spring, summer, autumn season use, gauze area is large, more ventilated, suitable for general camping scene. Four seasons account: generally used in high altitude areas, cold winter use, small mesh area, suitable for hiking.

Novices recommend cheap, quick to build, and convenient to store. After we have a certain camping experience, we can sell it to choose a tent that is more suitable for us.

b. Mattress selection: I have used a total of three mattresses of different materials, namely air mattress, self-inflating sponge mattress and egg tank mattress. Among them, self-inflating sponge mattress is the most comfortable to sleep, but it is troublesome to store and bulky. The air mattress is second in comfort, and the volume is not large after being deflated, and the disadvantage is that it is easy to leak when used improperly. The egg trough mat is comfortable, the lightest volume, the smallest storage, and the egg trough mat can be selected without excessive requirements for sleep.

c. Sleeping bag selection: The common types of sleeping bags on the market are divided into: envelope type (suitable for warm environment), mummy type (suitable for cold environment), and the material is divided into cotton/down. The material is recommended to choose down, the storage volume is small, and the insulation effect is strong. Among them, the larger the proportion of cashmere content and the higher the fluffy degree, of course, the stronger the comfort and warmth, of course, the more expensive the price will be. For example, the temperature in Guangdong is higher, the purchase of cotton sleeping bags is also enough, cotton sleeping bags are cheap and suitable for entry, but the storage volume will be slightly larger.

2. Living room system

a. Awning selection: The common types of awning are divided into these types: square awning, butterfly awning, hexagonal awning, living room awning, shaped awning. Material is divided into: cotton canopy, polyester canopy. It is generally recommended for beginners to buy polyester canopy directly. Choose the right size according to the number of users, I commonly use the size is 3X4, 4 people just (tips, there is a silver coated canopy sunscreen effect is better)

b. Table and chair selection: Common types of camping tables: egg roll table (appearance level high and light luxury), iron mesh table (light weight and easy to carry), stainless steel table (common IGT table, which can integrate the stove head with the table), etc. Common types of camping chairs: moon chair, folding chair, Kermit chair, butterfly chair, etc., can be purchased according to demand.

3. Kitchen system

A. Stove selection: It is enough to choose a cassette stove or portable stove head (lightweight, for hiking camping), and a cassette stove can basically solve all cooking needs.

B. Tableware selection: The use of cost-effective tableware recommended: soldier lunch box -50 yuan (easy to carry a wide range of scenarios, can cook, hot pot, cooking and other operations), baking tray -50 yuan (when you do not know what to eat, barbecue is always the right choice), stainless steel bowl and chopsticks -10 yuan (cheap, easy to scrub), stainless steel teapot -39 yuan.
Sherry bowl
The baking pan gets the most exposure

You can make all kinds of delicious food in an engineer lunch box

4. Camping electronics

a. Outdoor power supply: Application scenario: charging of mobile phones, drones, SLRS, LED lights, electric fans, battery furnaces, projectors, etc. The power supply I use has 1 KWH of electricity to meet 3-4 days of outdoor electricity, it can be said that camping with one out is enough.

b. solid-state drive selection: Like I usually go camping, I often shoot a lot of photos and videos and other materials for later editing work. You need a portable solid-state drive to store and organize your material. The choice of mobile SSD is mainly for: read and write speed, small size, light weight and easy to carry. Can organize materials quickly. Compared with the traditional mechanical mobile hard disk advantage is not afraid of falling outdoors, as well as faster transmission speed. I am now using an Indro 1TB Type-c USB3.2 mobile solid State Drive (PSSD)X8 series, which has a metal anti-drop protection to protect data, and a transfer speed of 1050MB/S, which can transfer a high-definition movie in 1 minute.

When I go home, I will sort out the materials so that I can quickly find the materials I need when I need them. What is recommended here is the direct purchase of SSD with M2 interface hard drive box. Hard disk + hard disk box, with Mac lightning interface and solid state drive 7000MB/S ultra-high read speed, probably can run to 10Gbps bandwidth, this speed I am very satisfied. About SSDS I am currently using a Samsung 980 PRO 1TB SSD.

Camping out can not avoid carrying a computer to deal with some work and some entertainment projects, carrying a solid state hard drive is not affect the normal operation of the computer, recommended this titanium (ZhiTai) SATA 3.0 interface SC001 Active series, It can greatly improve the speed of boot, program opening, game loading, file saving, file transfer, etc., and the computer is ready to boot, improving the computer performance.
Titanium (ZhiTai) Yangtze River Storage 256GB SSD SATA 3.0

If traveling is the first layer of happiness, then I use the image to record and share, it is equal to get the second happiness. That’s why I started documenting my life on video.