The joy of riding is really endless

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The joy of riding is really endless
As a means of transportation, we not only have cars, but also bicycles and electric vehicles; as a good choice for exercising, we not only have running, swimming, but also cycling.

1. A good team building expert

Most of the people who play cycling have already graduated from work or have families, so sometimes the team building will come from every person in charge. At this time, I can recommend everyone to go cycling. You can not only enjoy the scenery, but also It can promote feelings and strengthen chatting.

2. Free Romance

People who like cycling are more or less individual and have their own ideas. Many people choose cycling as a fitness activity, mostly because cycling is very free and comfortable.

If you want to go to a place, you can set a time for yourself, and then you can take your beloved bicycle and set off. This is a great spring, and you can take your family and children to go together, and you don’t need to compare speed with others. I am me, very free, No one else will interfere with you.

3. Challenge yourself

You can also choose to ride with a goal in order to break the routine and break your own limit. It may not be compared with yourself, but you will also have certain ambitions.

4, play handsome

Cycling, hey, don’t really think that all cyclists are experts, in fact there are some cyclists who just like to pretend to be cool and handsome! Their goal is not to keep fit, let alone blow up their opponents, but just to flirt with girls, play cool, and post on Moments.

5. Equipment collection control

There are some riders who are special, they don’t draw anything, they are just a simple equipment collector, they like to collect bicycle equipment, and occasionally modify the bicycle to become a cool cover that explodes the sky.

6. looking for abuse

Some of the weirder riders are born rebellious, and what they play is heartbeat. He likes to challenge his own limits. For example, he is good at riding in wind and rain, the sun, flying sand, stagnant water, and high-speed reverse. This type of rider seems to have his own obsession, similar to “not going to the Yellow River without heart.” si”.

7. the resistance is better

Cyclists who ride often have better resistance than those who do not exercise, and they can also exercise their calf muscles when they ride often, so that they can get a good figure at once.

8. Overeating

Cycling is aerobic exercise. It doesn’t matter if you overeat this time. I can just ride and keep in good shape.

Moreover, life is all about eating, drinking and drinking. If you meet what you like, you should grab it. Why not eat just to keep fit? Why are you wronging yourself? Eat and drink!

9. Feel the nature

Cycling generally has specific riding locations, such as wetland parks, lakes, etc. in each place. This kind of place allows us to better embrace nature instead of staying at home every day, and this kind of place rides , relatively safe, for girls, it is very suitable for riding, and for children, it is also safe.

The joy of riding is really endless

10. Feel happy

Eighty percent of the riders choose to ride because riding can make people feel happy. Every time they ride, they can make people feel happy, as if the pressure around them is dissipated.