Why is riding a fire?

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Since the completion of the Jincheng Greenway in Chengdu Ring Ecological Circle, cycling has become a hot topic in Chengdu, and low-carbon and civilized travel has become popular. On the streets of 9 to 5, young men and women wearing helmets and cycling uniforms shuttle through the streets and alleys. They ride bicycles of various brands and styles, walking together and orderly. Cycling has suddenly become popular. In the first half of this year, the total kilometers traveled by bicycles in Chengdu was about 178 million kilometers, which is equivalent to 4,461 times around the earth.

From a global perspective, under the superposition of the economic recession and the epidemic, cycling has returned strongly in European and American cities, with a large number of participants. Well-known automobile manufacturers such as Ferrari and Maserati have also continuously entered the bicycle field, and new and old brands are flourishing. Mountain bikes, road bikes, track bikes, touring bikes… Bicycle products are more diversified, and various models meet different riding needs. For a long time, my country has been a big country in bicycle production and export. Affected by the popularity of the European and American bicycle markets, bicycle concept stocks in the A-share market once achieved a collective surge in early June, and the “explosion point” had to arouse the attention and deep thinking of the society.

Why is cycling so hot?

Cycling is a green and low-carbon way of travel. Under the background of carbon neutrality, cycling has become an important way for ordinary people to participate in the realization of “double carbon”. At present, as more and more cities create conditions to encourage cycling, more and more shared bicycles are put into the streets and alleys of the city, which are welcomed by residents. With the orderly development of shared transportation in various places, the construction of slow traffic systems such as urban walking and bicycles has been strengthened. There are more and more bicycle lanes, parking places, maintenance stations, etc., making it more convenient for residents to travel by bicycle. Also getting lower and lower.

Cycling is a very popular form of exercise. Under the background of national fitness, it is an aerobic exercise loved by men, women and children. Cycling has many benefits to the body. It can not only exercise the heart and lungs, muscles, body coordination and balance, but also prevent brain aging and improve the agility of the nervous system. It is a sport with appropriate intensity, low threshold and strong fun . Over the years, bicycles have gradually changed from a means of public transportation to a means of fitness for all, and there are more and more bicycle competitions and participants in various cities.

Why is riding a fire?

Cycling is gradually endowed with social attributes, which is the embodiment of fashion and individuality, and it is also a carrier of advocating civilized fashion and gathering public moral consensus. Bicycles are not only used for transportation and sports, but also for personalized self-expression, which represents an aesthetic and life attitude. Of course, cycling also has violations of traffic regulations, random parking, littering, blind comparisons, etc., but real cyclists, cycling circles, and cycling associations also hate this and are committed to rectifying these uncivilized behaviors for a long time phenomenal. This is also a lot of cycling activities, all with the theme of advocating civilized riding. Only safety and civilization can become a climate.

Cycling is a new link that runs through low-carbon, health and civilization. Keep green, safe and civilized cycling, the city will have more beautiful scenery, and people will have a bright future of sustainable development.

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