How to do a travel guide

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Do some strategies and preparations before the trip, which can make the entire travel process easier and laborious, and have more time to pay attention to the beautiful moments during the journey. There are a lot of articles about travel strategies and records on the Internet, but there are not many explanations of the production process in detail. Today, according to my many years of travel agency work experience, I will sort out the order of formulating travel strategies, and each step. solved problem.

1. Determine the number of travel days and travel budget

This is a basic condition and a limited condition. The idea is very beautiful. It is skinny. Everyone wants to go to Tiannanhai and North. Unfortunately, the vacation time is only a few days. After all, most people still cannot reach the point where time is free. So the number of days determines the distance of your journey, and the budget determines the grade of your journey.

Travel agencies often encounter some guests. In the process of preliminary inquiries, as long as you ask about the travel budget, you will say, “As long as the line is good, the price does not matter”, but in fact, everyone has a general budget for travel. The budget determines your accommodation. Transportation, tour projects, and other aspects. Therefore, you must ask yourself before doing a travel plan, what the scope of this travel preparation is to control the cost.

2. Determine the destination and the must-play project

Choose a suitable tourist destination within the time range. The travel time minus 1-1.5 days is your real playtime, so if the time is insufficient, you must be in a hurry to choose a long distance. Come to save time.

Choosing a certain place, there must be something you like, first list your must-visit attractions, eat food, must-watch or exhibition hall … everyone wants to play as much as possible when traveling In a little bit, there are very few people who can fly to Lanzhou to eat a bowl of ramen, so if you want to return, you will play in place first, and then add other characteristics and other places recommended by others to supplement Essence

You can mark the place you want to go on the map. Travel follows the principle of smooth roads. You cannot run back and forth. There will be a choice or similar replacement for the attractions. There must be accommodation in places with many attractions. Tables with fewer scenic spots can choose large transportation to save time.

3. Make detailed play tables

I don’t like to use the app record. Generally, I will make an excel form. I will divide each day into three in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Fill in, and then supplement the blank time period. In principle, only one attraction is selected in each time period, and some spare time should be left, such as in case of traffic jams on the road, seeing good scenery along the way, you want to take pictures, there are on the streets, there are on the streets. I want to go shopping for a special shop …

The selection of attractions is based on preferences. I usually choose two to three most famous attractions every time I travel. Although the price of tickets is really expensive, it is also a local representative. It is a pity not to go. Various strategies on the Internet, pick out that you are interested in deleting, such as climbing mountains, the five or six days of scheduled climbing up to twice, otherwise it will be more disappointing.

As for the scenic arrangement, mountain climbing is physically and more energy-consuming. It is easier to place in the morning, visit the lake, watch exhibitions, and shopping. It can be placed in the afternoon. Of course, the special food is the best time for dinner, it can be leisurely, and the time is relatively sufficient.

4. Booking

Fill in the form, and the entire itinerary is clear at a glance, at which time you can set air tickets and hotels. Now the price of air tickets is relatively transparent, and the price is not much different. A proper comparison of 2-3 websites is sufficient. Although I am engaged in this industry, I will find their peers unless there are many people. In most cases, travel is also booked on several major platforms. It is not only convenient for booking processes but also mainly to change the refund of tickets. It is more secure.

How to do a travel guide

Book the form according to the corresponding time period, a complete itinerary is almost the same. I like to print it out of it for their peers. The paper itinerary is more convenient than the mobile phone. When you play, you can take a lot of mobile phones. In case you encounter no electricity, you can prepare. Furthermore, the information on the form is complete. When leaving the country, it is also very convenient to fill in the aircraft on the plane.

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