Beautiful Turpan: The desert and oasis echo each other, showing the deserted desolate beauty!

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Turpan is a magical place. It is the integration of ancient civilization and modern civilization. It is also a place where Eastern and Western culture and religion are integrated with each other.

“The richest open -air archeological museum in the world” -This is the evaluation of Turpan by the Swedish Gentonar Yalin. Calling Kate wrote in “Culture on the Silk Ancient Road”: “There are almost no other oasis, which are colorful like Turpan in cultural appearance. It is located at the intersection of a avenue and north and south avenues. , Turpan is like a sponge, absorbing spiritual content and text in various aspects … How international this oasis are, people of all five lakes and four seas become a family here. ”

Flame mountain

The Flame Mountain is from the east to the west, and it is one of the Tianshan branch in the middle of the Turpan Basin. During hundreds of millions of years, the countless flames of the flames left during the horizontal movement of the crust and the wind erosion and rain of nature’s wind erosion and rain, forming the ups and downs of the flame mountain and the vertical gully. Under the hot sun, the flash of red brown sandstone rolled up, and the clouds were lingering, like a fire flame and burning. This is the origin of the name “Flame Mountain”. The mountain is about 98 kilometers long and 9 kilometers wide. The main peak is located about 40 kilometers east of Turpan City, with an altitude of 831.7 meters. The high temperature and drought on the flame mountain, “Flying birds dare not come thousands of miles.” But its mountain is a natural underground reservoir dam.

Grape ditch

Grape groove is the “peach blossom source” of Huozhou. There are desirable places around the ditch. The scenery is beautiful and is famous for its high -quality grapes. Here are mainly nuclear white grapes, as well as 13 varieties such as horse milk, red grapes, Kashihar, Rida Gann, and Zhen. Its fruits are spherical, ovate, ellipse -shaped, etc. Some grapes are crystal like pearls, some are bright like agate, and some are green. Those five -colored and emerald -shaped fresh grapes are more mouth -watering. Especially the nuclear white grapes, thin skin, tender meat, juicy, delicious, rich in nutrition, known as “pearl”, which is known as “pearl”, which is as high as 20-24%, surpassing grapes in California, USA. The crown. The sugar content made of non -core white fresh grapes is as high as 60%, which is regarded as a treasure in raisins.

Tonghe hometown

The old city of Jiaohe is the only way on the Silk Road. Most of the buildings in the city were built in the Tang Dynasty and were stored very well. Most of the buildings were built from the rammed earth. The ancient city seemed even more shocking.

Beautiful Turpan: The desert and oasis echo each other, showing the deserted desolate beauty!

The old city of Jiaohe was built on a willow -shaped loess. The two rivers and two rivers surrounded the old city, so they were named “Jiaohe”. There are residential areas, official office, Buddhist temples, pagodas, and streets in the city. The old city of Jiaohe is the ruins of the ancient building left after weathered. It is like a historical crossing between the ruins of ancient buildings.

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