You must drive yourself when you go to Iceland, more free, time and imagination, freedom

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In 2016, I was burned by the original landform of Iceland. It has not been good. Until now, I can see those big mountains and rivers. Regarding travel, self -driving, you must drive yourself, not to say that attractions or things, but the freedom of time and imagination. You spend so much money over half the earth, you want to bake a skewers on the side of the road. What to do? The black sand beach is full of people. What should I do if I want to wait for people to take two good looks? Seeing Niubi on the road ride around the island on the island, what should I do if I want to talk to him?

Speaking of self -driving, we generally think of cars or SUVs. We rent a large RV with a 6 -person car. It costs about 3,000 euros in 7 days. Not everyone is in total. Look at the link here, and then select Motorhome. In theory, you can spend the night when you can stop, but when you go to the camp with electricity and pollution facilities, I worry that the camp is not easy to find before going. In fact, I remember that one night we live on the edge Mi Kaiwai is a small waterfall group. I sleep in the morning to wake up naturally, and eat egg fried rice while watching the waterfall.


Regarding the attractions, the small groups paid can be experienced more, some are really expensive, but it is true, Reykjavik has a sea fishing group, a person has to make an appointment for 90 Euros, the fish caught can cut the soup on the spot and cut the soup on the spot You can also take it away. This project can actually be placed on the first day of the island, and then the fish can be frozen in the refrigerator of the RV to eat all the way. The glacier did not go hiking. I went to the volcanic hiking and the internal visit. I was 300 Euros and 3 hours a total of 3 hours. To be honest, I was very reluctant at first.

But when you enter the bottom and touch these burned stones, you will feel that it is really meaningful to see it. The ancient volcano in the world of Iceland’s Sru Nuki, the only dead volcano in the world that has not collapsed and can enter. Whale watching whale in the north, 100 Euros of 100 Euros, you can’t see the whale and you can go for free the next day. I used to think that the whale tails will hit the water heavily before entering the water. You will find that there is no elegant voice in close contact. In terms of equipment, photography equipment, hesitated before going to an ultra -wide angle.

You must drive yourself when you go to Iceland, more free, time and imagination, freedom

Later, I thought that there were so many budgets. In the future, I really regret it. After returning, the memories of Iceland are large -scale. The eyes of the people’s eyes are not enough to install the angle of the view. It is impossible to record the feelings at that time, and whether there is no drone really different. In terms of clothing, we went in June and worried that we would froze and died. In fact, there were more than 20 degrees at noon, and sometimes it would fall to 2 degrees at night. The flies of the scenic area are inexplicable, it is recommended to bring a multifunctional headscarf

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