Camping: Wild is outdoors, and the wild is together

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Camping, as an outdoor accommodation method, is one of the most popular outdoor activities at home and abroad today. For the middle class, the seemingly simple and primitive asylum in the tent brings not only the general camp, but also the significance given far beyond the retro original lifestyle. They are attached to this, more because of the lightweight characteristics of the tent -it means that you can get a in -depth experience in a more far away from the smoke, and the rich changes in camping -you can easily follow other outdoor sports such as hiking, climbing, climbing, and climbing, climbing, and climbing, climbing, and climbing Cycling, canoe and fishing, even coffee, handicraft, cooking

Tracing history, the British Thomas Hiram Holding in the early 20th century was a modern ancestor of modern camping. He wrote the first edition of the campers in 1908 to share his enthusiasm for outdoor. After a long development, the western world has also derived more detailed classifications of leisure camping, such as backpack camping specializing in car camping, RV camping, and ultra -light equipment. The initial camping means simplifying the complexity and need to master certain survival skills, but the “GLAMPING” camp that has emerged in recent years has given more people to experience the possibility of camping. There is no need to prepare professional camping equipment. With service.

In the heart of the head player, the style camping is the general trend of the past two years. This Japanese camping method emphasizes personality and life, and also has certain aesthetic significance and social attributes. It is often supported by professional camping equipment. Players will build their own style of tents by themselves, which can be called “moving camping”. It is known as the first year of “Camping” in China in 2020, and the well -known international outdoor brands have begun to be recognized by the public. This year, the “weekend under the sky” initiated by the life style media Tigerhood was officially upgraded, and the Ethereum camped “Terri Camp”. From the “small town -level” camping activity participated in 500 people, it has developed into an outdoor carnival with more than 5,000 participants. More than 70 living aesthetic brands gathered in Beijing. City. From camping tent equipment to outdoor furniture, vintage furniture, retro grocery, fashion clothing, handmade bags, handmade caps, hand -made coffee, craft beer, whiskey wine, parent -child photography, art painting, summer carnival of outdoor enthusiasts Essence

In June 2020, “Terri Camp” was held in Beijing Tiankai Field Park.

In July 2021, Tae Ge Camping North China Station came to Zhangjiakou Chicheng again, and added outdoor brand neighborhoods. The domestic and foreign style camping brands were invited to settle in the stage of exchange learning camping knowledge and directly planting grass camping equipment.

From the beginning of the establishment of Tigerhood Taige, it has been assumed like this “leader” role to bring the world’s most cutting -edge lifestyle and trendy culture to users. The founder Xu Hu himself is also a lover of outdoor sports. In the past four years, he also met many friends while operating Tai Ge’s objective brands. Photography, cycling, camping, the top players around him gathered, and the concept of the community gradually formed.

In July 2021, Taige camped North China Station, grocery and food are important elements.

In 2020, Tai Ge has the bearer of the cultural community culture, the Tigerhood APP was launched, and his “playful ambition” once again embarked on a new level. Starting from interest, we meet new friends through the platform, communicate and share with each other. Style camping is just the beginning. His ideal outdoor sports and lifestyles seem to be a reality.

Q: Where does your own interest in outdoor sports start? Has it changed in recent years?

A: Before the earliest camping, I started to like outdoor sports from traditional camping, but I felt more suitable for myself after contacting style camping. Because style camping can carry more content, whether it is camping, food, handwork, music, cycling, etc.

Q: What are the characteristics of style camping and traditional camping ratio?

A: Style camping and traditional camping have a very good spiritual experience, but style camping is more experienced in a slow rhythm. The sense of energy is more durable and rich, and can be directly fed back to life. Many friends may care more about the current feelings, but for energy itself, it is sustainable, but you cannot determine when it will happen. Maybe you can use the method of solving the problem in a style camping in a certain style of camping, and some emotions can also be resolved through style camping.

In addition, many of the originality we lost will also be stimulated in style camping, because this culture is relatively high than traditional camping, many problems need to find ways to solve them by themselves. But these capabilities itself has it, but everyone has lived in the city for too long and gradually forgotten.

Q: Have you ever organized four style camping activities, is there any unforgettable experience?

A: The most memorable is the style of camping players who have exceeded countless expectations, because you can’t imagine so many friends have the same hobbies as you are paying attention to the crowd you are following in real life.

And the success of each style camping activity has dug out everyone, and everyone shows their talents here, and it also confirms my previous thoughts. The hobbies of most domestic players are still lonely. Everyone needs a platform to gather each other to communicate and share. So this is why we do the Taoggou APP and want to lead the style of life.

Because of this, you can share your life thinking online every day. Our online activities can be held again and again, which can make everyone feel the preciousness of real communication.

Q: Traditionally outdoor is considered to be violated with “exquisite and fashion”. How do you understand outdoor fashion?

A: In fact, each has its own benefits, but it is easy to label some seemingly common phenomena when the domestic communication style camping culture is currently in China. For exquisite and fashion itself, it depends on personal style. Many friends at home and abroad can also have their own shape and selection style when experiencing traditional outdoor activities.

Secondly, the style camping is gradually returning to normalization. Many people have no longer pursuing moving camping methods. Everyone is more willing to use carefully selected equipment. Experience style camping, and then leave more experience time to nature.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for the novice who choose to camping?

A: The advantage of the traditional outdoor is to feel different scenery, and the style camping is fixed in a limited venue, but the culture and decorative nature of the carrying are stronger. So I think the healthier way is to combine the two together. Maybe one day you want to go to see the sunrise, then you may wish to go lightly and wait for the moment when the rising sun appears. Sometimes you want to feel the exquisite camping life of the slow -paced rhythm, then you may wish to organize the high -quality equipment of the monk to build your own love home outdoors.

No matter what kind of outdoor style, it is recommended that you still start from interest, which will be clearer. Because you want to achieve fashion and exquisiteness, it must be inseparable from the support of equipment, but we cannot copy the style of others. There are 100 kinds of good -looking, but which one is more suitable for you to find the answer to life in the real experience.

Secondly, each consumption that loves it is not online, so you may wish to slowly buy your favorite equipment from your familiar hobbies, which is actually a way to save money. In addition, it is recommended to buy the best equipment within your ability when consumption to avoid repeated consumption step by step.

Q: What kind of outdoor sports will people like in the future?

A: I think people’s interests will develop more diverse based on the experience of nature. Just like baseball and rugby, how many people play in China? But in fact, there are many enthusiasts in these two sports. Seeing similar games, countless players will always use barrage to express their preferences for such sports. It is just that everyone lacks venues, guidance of interest, and real gathering activities of similar lovers in the same city.

And with the growth of everyone’s income, they will definitely invest more in health. Some people like to ride, and some people like to run. Back to consumerism itself, in Europe and the United States, high -income people often pay more attention to fitness and diet, but may be the opposite in China. But the advantage is that I have gradually discovered in recent years. Many friends around me are working in this direction. They do not lose young people when they exercise fitness, and they are more self -disciplined because of their age. In outdoor sports.

Camping: Wild is outdoors, and the wild is together

The scene of Taige Camping this year. © Shark Shark

Q: What is the future of style camping?

A: From the perspective of style camping itself, the ideal outdoor sports or activity scene in the future is that people with different hobbies organize and communicate with each other to include each other and tolerate diverse interests and culture. Everyone’s hobbies can be displayed on a better platform, not just living on the screen. Everyone walks out together, stands under the sky, feels sweat and rain, experiences breeze and leaves. At the same time, no matter how niche you are, you can eventually find friends who can meet your soul.

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