Picking the stars in your hand, full of fun! Open the outdoor slow life in the name of camping!

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Summer is here. Compared with the “poems and far away” that are unable to reach, set up a tent and enter the RV in the camping area around the city. It seems that it is easier to come to the quiet and comfortable happiness between the green mountains and green water.
I have been in the city for a long time, and I always want to draw from work and go to nature to breathe fresh air. Then, with the hospitality, find a camping place where Jingmei is rare together, and experience a garden.

The camping site in Shandong is not the style of survival of Beiye’s wilderness, but a “exquisite camping” with egg roll tables, small string lamps, and large sky. The film ~

|| The open camps that have been opened in the province, with a beautiful environment, uniform facilities, and safety guarantee, welcome everyone to come to camping outdoors and enjoy holiday leisure time.

01 // Qingdao-Langyatai Star Empty Camp

Starting in the evening, picking up the level, the ancient and mysterious Langya platform, waiting for you to pursue. In the setting sun, the surplus is sprinkled. In color interweaving, the green mountains, green water, and white accounts are all scenery.

The camp in Cui curtain was stunned, a tent was lined up in a row, and the RV “settled in the house” in the field. At night, the stars could be seen open the clouds at night.

The camp also combines the history and ancient viewing of Langya’s Terrace to launch a starry sky experience and observation of starry sky. In the evening, a BBQ will be brought to the night tour. Observation of the ancient Taiwan will definitely make you fall in love with nature.

02 // Zibo-Red Leaf Studi Rock Camping Land

In the city, I am always too busy to look up. We who are lacking in the avatars can only raise their eyes instantly in the waving arm of the curtains. During the holidays, you can let yourself go empty for a day, return to nature in the green mountains, and feel life.

The Red Leaves Stock Rock Tourist Area is located in the monk Fangfang Village, Boshan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province. The original ancient canyon has the unique atmosphere of the original ecological and countryside. The camping site is located in it. The camping venue is called Beidoutai, which is a terraced field, and each layer has different supporting facilities.

The wooden leisure area on the second floor is available for tourists to rest and entertainment; the fifth -story bonfire area can hold a bonfire party dinner; a small concert, outdoor performance movie can be held on the sixth floor area; the ninth floor is the paradise of the children , Tree House, Slide, Sand Pit, Qiu Qian, etc., let the troublemaker be played happily here.

Picking the stars in your hand, full of fun! Open the outdoor slow life in the name of camping!

Twilight Sihe, tired birds return to the forest. Here you can use the starry sky as a quilt, the earth as the bed, hiding in the tent and the closest family or friends to watch the sky stars, accompanied by the Worm and Bird entered the dreamland.

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