Spring outdoor camping, Beijing these places are worth going

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Running to the Kasuga Country
Now it’s a good time for camping
Maybe with family and friends on weekends
Find a green space
Spring breeze
Stand a tent
Stay away from the hustle and bustle, get close to nature
Enjoy beautiful leisure time

#Jinhai Lake
Jinhai Lake Scenic Area is located 15 kilometers east of Pinggu District. It is now AAAA -level scenic spot with a waters of 6.5 square kilometers. Jinhai Lake is surrounded by the mountains on three sides, the peaks are stacked, and the scenery is beautiful.
Lake Lake Tower is located on the top of the mountain of Jinhai Lake. The seven -story octagonal brick -wood structure is one of the main landscapes of Jinhai Lake. Ascending to the top of the tower, you can see the beautiful scenery.

The lawn here is particularly large. Children can run freely, release their nature, bring their families to build tents on the lawn, carry out wild camping in the wild, and enjoy the fun of nature!

The painting of the dam body next to it is very famous. It is the “largest dam painting painting” written by a hundred artists at the same time, with an area of 35,513 square meters. The Guinness World Records that have obtained such projects have been obtained. The painting is composed of ten fragments in Picasso’s famous paintings, which is full of artistic atmosphere.

Bibo Garden Island is quiet and private, and it is a good recreational resort. There is a tent area on the island, and tourists can bring their own tents and floor mats to prepare some fruits and snacks. It is a spring picnic!
Children can also go to the children’s playground on the island to play, swinging bridges, trampolines, slides, poles, seesaws … are definitely a good place for baby!

# Wenyuhe Park
At the junction of Chaoyang, Shunyi, and Changping, Wenyu River Park has a planned scope of 30 square kilometers and is the largest “green lung” in Beijing. The park is divided into east and west parks. The main landscapes include “exquisitely looking at the moon”, “Yunshang Terrace”, “Huaxi Jintian”, “Songyun Hua Gai” and so on.
At present, the forsythia, blue peaches, mountain apricots, magnolia, and lilacs in the park have bloomed one after another, and 30,000 square meters of tent camps have also been opened. Take your family here on the weekend, open the tent, and enjoy the endless interest of outdoor fields!
The most well -known tent camp here is Liugou. This is a long and gentle slope, about 200 meters long, and willow trees on both sides. The shade of the tree is very suitable for tents and picnics. At about 10 am on the weekend, a tent was already supported, and almost one was hard to find.
In addition to Liugou, tourists can also go to the ecological and cultural center to set up tents. Visitors need to bring their own tents, and they cannot spend the night. In order to ensure the personal safety of visitors, the park is prohibited from using heating tools such as bright fire, card furnace and induction cooker.


# Nikko Valley

Nikko Valley is a light luxury natural resort campus park with a camping site as the entrance to integrate the concepts of camps, resorts, homestays, and parks to create a leisure and vacation complex with family vacations and friends.

When you come here in spring, tourists can bring their own tents and Anza on the lawn of the valley. Put on a picnic pad, bring some fruit snacks, fly the kite with your children, and spend a warm and comfortable weekend time!



The Grand Canal Forest Park is located on both sides of the north canal of Tongzhou New Town. From the sixth ring road in the north, the Sixth Ring Road, the Yiyang Bridge and the Wushan Bridge in the south. The total length of the river is about 8.6 kilometers. It is a national AAAA -level tourist attraction.

At present, the February Lanlan, Xitang, Begonia, and Lilac in the park have bloomed one after another. At this time, the scenery is just right ~

There are designated tent areas in the park, namely the three areas of the Grand Canal Amusement Park, camps, near the East Six -door children’s amusement facilities, and the canopy forest near the Canal Qingfeng Cultural Cultural Theme Park.

#East Suburb Forest Park
The eastern suburbs Forest Park is one of the four major country parks planned in Beijing. It is located in the junction of the three districts of Tongzhou, Shunyi, and Chaoyang. It is connected to the Capital Airport in the north. There are children who like planes at home, may wish to take him here to picnic ~

Spring outdoor camping, Beijing these places are worth going

Forsythia, Begonia, Bi Tao, and Lilac in the park are in full bloom, and there are many rare trees. It can be said to be a green oxygen bar.
Visitors can build tents in the designated area. Be careful not to pull rope hanging on the tree, hanging hammocks, etc.

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