In the early spring rainy days, wild fishing strategies, the fish mouth is good, the location is very important

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Early spring can be said to be the season with the most rainy days. A considerable part of the fishermen may feel that this kind of weather is difficult to fish, and the old fisherman silently brings an umbrella to fish out: the rainy weather in the early spring, regardless of the catfish, yellow tail or carp, or carp. That head is relatively large, not to mention that it is possible to catch yellow bone fish (yellow bone fish time has not yet arrived, only a few sporadic).

In the early spring of the year, there was no sun in the place where I was located. It was either raining or cloudy, and it would continue until eleven o’clock in the morning! However, it has been fishing five times in a row. There is no time to vacate. At least one eight or two calendars. Of course, there are not many if there are many. After all, there is a wild fishing without the night of the nest on the same day. So I want to share some early spring rainy weather and wild fishing experience. I hope it can help you catch it, at least to eat with your family.

Wild fishing equipment preparation in the early spring rainy days

Fish rods; recommended you to use a fishing rod of more than 6.3 meters, unless the place you caught is close to the water inlet and it rains the water depth of about 2 meters to use the water depth of about 2 meters. In addition, it is one inch, one inch, one inch! I personally use 7.2, because I can smoke the nest and get most fishing spots.

Fish line; depending on what fish you fish, fish fishing 1.2+0.8 is enough. If you are also fishing carp 3+2, there is no problem. Anyway +0.4 is okay, but I usually choose a thicker.

Fish hooks; this is as small as possible. My personal principle is that the line can be thicker but the hooks cannot be large. The fish in the early spring of the early spring is really small. It is recommended that you use Haixi, about 4, Isey, or cuffs around No. 5. According to the target fish, large catfish and carp can use 5 Isei, but the yellow tail should be as smaller as possible as possible as possible as possible Essence

Floating; take the coded as a standard, and try to eat the less lead as much as possible. Just fish.

Other equipment: If the needle can bring a thicker fish thread to replace it with a little bit, it can reduce the probability of your touch of water, because it is really cold! You can also bring a dry towel. You don’t need to wet, use it to wipe your hands and rub the fishing rods, and go home to wash. Bring one umbrella of more than two meters. It is best to bring a large plastic bag in conditional. The hat is also worn or wearing a jacket to prevent rain and rain, because there are always situations where it goes outside the umbrella.

Choice of wild bait in the early spring rainy days

The bait is based on thick fishy. It will be cold in rainy days. If it is not thick bait, fish may not smell, how fishy can be used, but it must be kept in a good state. I personally add 20%of shrimp powder to the bait, or the red worm powder produced by the brand with word -of -mouth manufacturers. Although it is not 100%purity, it must be much higher than the scattered selling. East -things will not be sold, or you will not sell. But Chiwei Qing, if you buy it back, you know, do n’t buy the red shrimp powder or something. It ’s not good for the effect of the big fish to promote the opening. Of course, you can also fish directly with red worms or earthworms. The broad -spectrum is also very high and has a fatal temptation for catfish carp.

The nest is determined according to your target fish, because the bait is basically a broad -spectrum. Wild fishing nest is more important than bait, because what fish you want to catch depends on what fish in the nest is, and what is there any of. Fish nest ingredients decide. If it is a comprehensive wild fishing recommended bran cake, rapeseed cake, peanuts, or duck feed or chicken feed, if you fish fishing, you can use the pure corn of the old altar. The feed powder is hit, and the yellow tail will be mixed with cheap bait or feed powder to mix a little mud to hit the nest. You can add a little seaweed powder to increase the ability to seduce fish.

Early spring rainy days wild fishing choice

This kind of weather will not be high. First of all, the shallow beach is excluded. It is recommended that you find the sand pits, Erdaokan, T -shaped dams, a deeper Dajie Bay, and the lower air outlet. In the reservoir, find the birch tip of the bayoe of Xiangyang’s back wind, the sides of the dam, and the darker tip near the large water surface. If you use long poles and short -term fishing caves, you can catch the middle without grasshoppers, but last year, the sky was dry, and most of the wild fishing could not get dried up.

It also depends on the temperature interval and whether there are yellow water. If the temperature range reaches about 15-20 degrees Celsius, then you can use a short pole to catch a little, especially when there is yellow water visibility. Because this temperature range lasts for a period of time, the fish will definitely lean on, and you can choose the two -way and old river channel near the water inlet. If the temperature interval is less than 10 degrees Celsius, then you don’t need to think about it.

The most important thing is: the terrain and material of the bottom of the water. It is recommended that you choose a relatively flat place in the early spring and the bottom of the water is better to fish carp and catfish. It’s all possible. But no matter what fish fishing, it is best not to catch the slope, unless you can catch a slope on the reservoir dam above 15 degrees Celsius, and this slope is only the cement and stones hard.

Another point is: you’d better choose to fish north, because the blowing wind in the early spring of the spring is a north wind, which will be much more comfortable.

Precautions for fishing on rainy days in early spring

With sleeve sleeves; there may be many people who think that the sleeve is a woman with a woman. In fact, otherwise, I have brought it in other times except wearing short sleeves without sleeves. Sleeve dirty (the fisherman’s sleeves are easy to sogen).

In the early spring rainy days, wild fishing strategies, the fish mouth is good, the location is very important

Chongto; I have said it before, you always have to go outside the umbrella.

Windstroke; some punches are not windproof, and the wind in early spring is very cold, so windproof and warmth is important.

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