Big crucian carp is not always in any weather. Four kinds of weather are most suitable for wild fishing of big crucian carp in spring

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When spring is warm and flowers are blooming, it is the peak season for fishing crucian carp. When fishing crucian carp in spring, there is a saying of fishing in shoals. Simply put, large crucian carp can be caught even in shallow water. For wild fishing, weather and fishing positions are always fundamental, especially when fishing in shallow water, fish may not dare to pull aside under different weather types. In terms of the choice of fishing positions, fish in terrain that is not safe enough dare not pull over. Therefore, if you want to catch big crucian carp in shallow water, you must pay attention to the right time and place.

1. When can you fish in shallow water?

Fishing crucian carp in spring is not always possible to fish in shallow water. Solar terms or water temperature are very important. When the air temperature rises, the overall water temperature begins to rise, and when shallow water is warmer than deep water, fish will naturally go to shallow water to keep warm. The light in shallow water is more abundant, and the food will be the first to be abundant. Therefore, from the perspective of solar terms, it is more appropriate to go between the Waking of Insects and the Qingming Festival. It is not suitable to fish in shallow water after Qingming. There are two reasons. One is that crucian carp is in the breeding period, and crucian carp at this time is relatively difficult to catch. The second is that the temperature of shallow water is too high. Even if fish move in shallow water, it will be cool in the morning and evening, so they cannot fish in shallow water all day long.

2. What kind of shallow water terrain are you looking for?

Shallow water is not safe enough, unless the terrain is special. When fishing crucian carp in shallow water in spring, there is a saying in choosing terrain: if there is grass to catch grass, if there is no grass to catch obstacles, if there are no obstacles, then fish in muddy water, if there is no muddy water, then fish in deep and shallow water. Crucian carp grows in the aquatic grass area, especially in spring, which is a place for crucian carp to hide and breed. If there is no grass, you can look for places with complex underwater environments such as tree stumps, fallen trees, and bridge piers. As for muddy water, the bays of general rivers have this characteristic. If the water surface has no characteristics, you can look for slopes. This kind of location at the junction of deep and shallow water is also a good choice.

Three, fishing method

The fishing method of fishing big crucian carp in shallow water is very important, because there are two biggest characteristics when choosing a fishing position, either fishing for obstacles or shallow water, so the best fishing method is the long-pole and short-line seven-star floating fishing group. The method of fishing in shallow water or obstacles is the most advantageous. It can be matched with skyhook or sleeping hook. As for the choice of bait, earthworms, red worms, rice grains, gray flour, broad bean powder, etc. are all acceptable. Compared with meat bait, the amount of bite of vegetarian bait is less but the bait is hooked. Crucian carp is bigger. It is necessary to adopt the method of walking and fishing with multiple nests, because crucian carp does not have much foraging range, which is also reflected in the selection of fishing positions, mainly to find fish nests.

4. Weather

Regarding the choice of weather, the most important points are two points. First of all, it is necessary to consider that although the temperature rises at this time, it must not be too high. Generally, the fish mouth will be poor when the water temperature fluctuates. Secondly, it should be noted that light intensity has a great influence on shallow water when fishing in shallow water, so the most suitable weather is cloudy, foggy and light rainy. It is not impossible to go out on sunny days, and it is best to choose windy weather to go out. When going out in cloudy, rainy and foggy weather, fishing positions should also be found in the sunny direction, and there will be more choices. When going out on sunny days, it is best to fish for obstacles, and it is best to fish against the wind. Spring is the season when the temperature rises, and there are more westerly winds. In this weather, fish tend to float their heads, so it is not suitable to go out. Followed by windy and rainy weather, as long as the weather is not too extreme, you can go out.

Big crucian carp is not always in any weather. Four kinds of weather are most suitable for wild fishing of big crucian carp in spring

Generally speaking, the climate in the middle of spring is very suitable, and there are many weathers suitable for going out, but there will still be a difference between good and better. Please pay attention to favorites and likes, update on time every day, thank you all fishing friends!

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