Damei Beitun: The smog world walks through the original ecological forest.

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Beitun City is located between Altay City and Fuhai County in the northern part of Xinjiang. It is the transportation hub of the Altay region and the headquarters of the Tenth Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Beitun is adjacent to the Kanas Lake Scenic Area. There are many natural landscapes in the reclamation area, such as Dingshan Botanical Garden, South Lake, Brentuo Sea Style Garden, Baisha Lake, Mingsha Mountain, Red Leaf Forest, Irtysh River Valley Forest, etc. . Red tourism is also unique. You can visit the Monument of the 185th Regiment Fighting the Flood and Guarding the Frontier, and the border watchtower. In addition to enjoying the beautiful natural scenery and the red tourist attractions unique to the border, you can also stand on the viewing pavilion of the Border Tourism Culture Park and enjoy the exotic scenery close at hand.

Baisha Lake

Baisha Lake is densely covered with historical landscapes, and it provides a good place for thinking about the ancient capital to take a look at the scenery and sighing about the present. Standing at Dongling Pass, you can think of Guan Yunchang’s majestic posture of “strengthening the mountain and overwhelming the world” when Guan Yunchang crossed the five senses and six generals with his sword on his horse; standing in Yuxi fishing place, you can experience Jiang Taigong’s fishing method of “willing to take the bait”; Those who sigh and wonder can go to Guigu Cave to perform Ze Guiguzi’s strategy of winning by surprise; those who seek novelty can listen to bizarre legends such as “Yaowaitan”, “Guixiu City”, and “Black Dragon Pool”.

The lake area is surrounded by mountains, with overlapping peaks and luxuriant cypresses. At night, you can hear the bursts of pines and waves. At morning, you can enjoy the sunrise at Songmen, and at night, you can pick up the sunset glow of Pinghu Lake; Sparkling, a vast expanse of green, like being in a dream, like being lost in a fairyland.


Mingsha Mountain


Mingsha Mountain, looking from afar, under the clear sky, the mountain looks like a lying yellow dragon.

To go up the mountain, one has to step on the sand with bare feet. When one walks in the sand, one feels soft and smooth. Stepping into the sand pit, the surface is steaming and the inside is cool, which is another subtlety. Climbing the sand mountain is not thrilling but very difficult. The sand flow is soft, and it will fall half a step further; stepping on other people’s footprints seems to save some energy, and occasionally trot forward for a while. Climbing up like this, although dripping with sweat, is also a lot of fun.

Climb up the mountain, look up and look far away, the sky is blue, the sand is vast, and you can see everything at a glance, which is refreshing. Layers upon layers of peaks in the distance sway graceful curves; nearby sand waves linger, seemingly surging but solidified like waves. The theory of “singing sand” adds a layer of mystery to the mountain.

Damei Beitun: The smog world walks through the original ecological forest.

Colorful Beach in Irtysh Valley

Colorful Beach is located in the rippling Irtysh River Valley in Burqin County. The north bank is a colorful Yardang landform, and the south bank is a lush and verdant valley forest. Two Heavens”. The fierce river impact and wind and rain erosion have formed the cliff-like Yardang landform on the north bank. Geological changes have carved the banks of the colorful beach into wonderful postures, like castles, pagodas, ravines, canyons, and ups and downs. The minerals contained in the rocks are different, and they are transformed into various splendors, so it is named “Colorful Beach”. On the other side of the colorful beach is a continuous forest and sea. In the cool autumn season, yellow and green alternate with each other, and the colors are equally brilliant. The magical nature has not hesitated to paint the river bank with colorful colors. Form a strange five-color Yadan.