“Fish Lai Shen Mi” hit the nest, “eat fish tonight” to fish, pull wild

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Fishing weather: On March 4th, sunny, the temperature was 4-18 degrees Celsius, and it was immediately shocked. The real spring came was the first golden season for fishing for catfish. I have been thinking about the place to catch catfish last time. Unfortunately, I have been busy recently and I can’t fish. Today, it is rare to take a break. Fishing is definitely the first place.

Fishing place: Last fishing place, a river connecting the river, has not been dry for many years. Before raising fish, it did not give fishing. Now the village next to it has been relocated.Fishing point: Next to the water grass, the water depth is about 1.5 meters. Now it’s spring, not deep or shallow. There are water plants next to it.

Fishing rod: 4.5 meters

Line group: main line 0.6, sub -line 0.3, main fishing fishing

Floating: 1#, 2-3 meters of fishing, 2-3 meters, lower the fishing high, and focus on the catfish mouth of the catfish

Fish hook: 3#No piercing sleeve hook

Nest: Fish Lai Shenmi

Bait: Eat fish single tonight, water ratio 1: 0.9, the pulling bait ball is full of porcelain

“Fish Lai Shen Mi” hit the nest, “eat fish tonight” to fish, pull wild

Today, the fish love is very good.

Fish gain:

Today, the fish love is really irritable, mainly because the nest and bait are paired. “Fish Lai Shen Mi” hit the nest. “Eating fish tonight” can be said to be a perfect match. The clear big catfish, the big pound, the small three or two, the pulling crooked, and the fish again A full fishing journey.