Ride on the road and feel the real breathing of life

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It seems that suddenly, the riding team that emerged on the streets and alleys focuses on people’s sight again to the “inconspicuous” transportation of bicycles. During the 200 years of the birth of the bicycle, from the beginning of the nobles’ leisure and fashion movement to the realization of large -scale production, it became a transportation of civilians; from the collective memory of a Chinese people in the 1970s and 1980s, to more modernized after the car, etc. The transportation is gradually lonely … To this day, the wave of cycling in our field of vision is obviously given more new meaning to bicycles.
Even though most cycling enthusiasts start with bicycles, compared to cars, electric vehicles, and public transportation, cycling is not only commuting tools, but also implements the concept of low -carbon environmental protection. The demand can be described as more. Especially after the epidemic, people’s enthusiasm for nature and outdoor sports is high, so it is not difficult to understand why more and more people join this sport, from urban streets, suburbs to mountain roads, riders’ figures. everywhere.
Xiao Hei, the manager of the Chillride community, has been cultivating in the bicycle industry for more than ten years. In his opinion, whether it is in cities, highways or fields, “is essentially riding. Lifetime and attitude, or leisure or competition. “Buy a car you like, ride it to any places you want to go, do anything you want to do, and you can also take cycling with camping, yoga, flying tray, etc. The combination of multi -activity and experience has become a lifestyle that people can practice. Just as Xiao Hei had temporarily contented and set up Chillride with his friends, he advocated leisure cycling in the city to make people who feel stressful in life and work.

“I want to use different cycling themes. More people like to ride. I feel that this is not only a sport that is more powerful. It can also become very casual and relaxed. I know new friends in different ways. The new connection is really a very interesting thing. ”

Niki, who has also been with cycling for many years, has also founded its own riding service brand, also regarded the partners I met in cycling as the biggest gain -the people met during this period became her friends and partners. Cycling almost reshaped her life, accompanied her to grow up and mature, and even acted from hobbies to work.

“The love of cycling is actually a process of emotional undulating. I think most hobbies will experience the” human cuisine addicted ‘to start chasing data competition, and finally return to calmness. In fact, no time to fall in love is to gradually accept this movement and become part of life, “Niki said.

Riding from a sport to a way of lifestyle or even a social method. There are endless bicycles and equipment, but the essence of returning to the cycling is never the car itself. When the feet are gently stepped on the pedal, the rolling wheels turn the flowing air into the wind in the ear. We can see the surrounding environment slowly flowing, smell the smell of flowers and plants, and hear the bustling human voice. This kind of real experience that focuses on physical feelings, this short abandonment of information and data, is only the process of enjoying the journey itself as you want, is the most fascinating part of cycling.

Hemingway’s first novel “The Suns Raise” published in 1926 made him famous. He described the happiness of riding cars in this way: Through a bicycle, you can know the appearance of a place most deeply — — All the hillsides have to be conquered by sweating, then glide down. Because of this, you can truly appreciate its true side. If you drive, you will only remember those steeper slopes, and the memory of this place cannot be compared with the experience obtained when riding a bicycle conquest.

Sakura, a Japanese architect who has lived in Beijing for 20 years, is also a senior cycling enthusiast. He began to try to commute in order to pursue physical health ten years ago. He has since fallen in love with cycling, and has still insisted on this habit until now. Because of this, he also founded the brand “Re -meaning” with the theme of bicycles and extending to lifestyle in Beijing in addition to the main building design industry.

In his opinion, the purpose of design is to improve life and the future; the meaning of architecture is not just a simple high -rise building, but a space of the environment and life around him. He hopes to make “re -intended” a “third space”, from this perspective, he thinks it is the same as architectural design.

“The biggest charm of a bicycle is diversity. You can always see different scenery. It can bring you more than a healthy body.” Sugo Shiro mentioned in the interview His perception: “My first long -distance cycling was from home from Tokyo to Hakone, and I rode 250 kilometers a day. That cycling changed my concept of life distance, and I also learned that the world is continuous continuous. ‘. Before, whether driving, taking a subway, or taking a train, you would feel that the place of departure and destination like two disconnected points, but when riding, it can make me truly feel this time. Scenic landscape every moment. ”

Ride on the road and feel the real breathing of life

It is very interesting that when asked what he would bring on the bicycle, he replied, “There is nothing to bring. But, I want to bring a very relaxed mood to ride a bike. With this mood, the cold wind in winter is also It will become an interesting experience.
Just bring a good mood, even without a professional highway car, unlocking a shared bicycle can experience the fun of cycling anytime, anywhere. It is better to start tomorrow, the suitable temperature in autumn, the freedom to travel for the wind, and the reason for any reason to start.

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