Do you need to wear a cycling socks?

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Cycling Equipment-Riding socks

The weather has gradually recovered, and everyone has begun to move outdoors. For riders, this season is still a little cold, but … Is there any reason to prevent us from riding people?


Now that you are riding, let ’s talk about riding sports socks today. Whether it is a professional bicycle driver or amateur riding friends, your feet have a very important role. The feet are uncomfortable or injured. Riding and participating in the race. However, there is a weird phenomenon in the riding circle, that is, many people attach great importance to their heads, hands, waists, legs, elbows, etc. Just put on socks. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding, because although socks can play a role in protecting the feet, not every sock is suitable for bicycle exercise.

Although riding sports socks is very niche, people with high utilization rates have a very large demand for cycling sports socks. If you do other sports in addition to cycling, you should know that each sports socks are depending on different The movement is specially designed.


The functions and characteristics of riding socks

Riding socks is characterized by moisture absorption, sweating, wear resistance, and difficult to deform. It is understood that many cyclists do not wear riding socks, but instead of ordinary socks. If the weather is cold, they will wear thick towel socks. This approach is wrong. The line is not obvious. Once the long -distance riding is started, it feels hot and spicy, and has accumulated a lot of sweat. Many people think that this is the consequences of excessive exercise. In fact, the real “culprit” is those ordinary sports socks.


In the cycling movement, the socks are between the skin and the shoe/riding shoes of the foot, so the breathability and wear resistance of the riding socks are much higher than that of ordinary sports socks. When the side effects of the pedal on the feet, when we compare the ride socks and ordinary sports socks, we will find that the former’s back roots and toes are thick. For riders (flat feet) with flat soles, if you do n’t wear riding socks, you will soon feel sore muscles and reduce riding efficiency. Cycling socks will generally increase elasticity in this position and tighten tightening. This muscle allows the soles of the soles to exercise for a longer time, and the riding socks can keep their feet dry.

Scientific research shows that the temperature of the human brain and the human body needs to be maintained at 37 degrees Celsius. We must discharge excess heat when riding. As the amount of exercise increases, more heat will be sweated in the human body. That is, the “sweaty” after people said that the cooling must be evaporated if it is to cool down. Therefore, clothes (including socks) must have good sweat absorption, so that the skin is dry and comfortable. Therefore, a qualified cycling socks must be kept dry and comfortable to keep the soles of the feet at any temperature.

Do you need to wear a cycling socks?

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of riding socks, and I will choose a pair of ride socks that they like and suitable. It will act on a certain point of the body, so if you want to extend the time of cycling, please pay attention to protect your feet.

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