How to choose a ride on a long -distance riding backpack

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I also want to travel mountains and wade the world, and I want to travel around the world, but I don’t want to drag a bulky suitcase. I just want to carry a packet (LAN) bag. what to do?

Xiaobian thinks that in addition to both hands, there should be only one outdoor backpack that suits you to help you reduce the burden.


How to choose backpacks

1. Choose outdoor backpacks according to the length of personal torso

A. The driving length is less than 45cm, then select the small outdoor backpack;

B. The length of the torso is between 45-152cm, then select the outdoor backpack of the winner;

C. The length of the torso is greater than 52cm, so choose a large outdoor backpack.

2. Choose outdoor backpacks according to the waist circumference

A. The waist is between 68–78cm, then select the small backpack;

B. The waist is between 78–92cm, then select the number of backpacks;

C. The waist is between 92 and 106cm, then select a large backpack;

D. The waist circumference is greater than 106cm, then it is best to choose a large backpack.

3. The belt of the backpack is also a critical part of the outdoor. Whether the belt is thick is the key to distinguish the professional backpack and ordinary travel bag.


Shoulder bag material

1. The current materials commonly used in backpacks are “nylon” and “Cordura”

1. Although canvas are more abrasion, it is rarely used because it is easy to be moisture, wet and not dry, and heavier quality.

2. The quality of nylon cloth is lighter. It does not absorb moisture, mold, fast drying, and good strength; the disadvantage is that it is not abrasion and afraid of fire.

2. Cordura cloth is also a synthetic nylon cloth, DuPont Cordura fabric

With light, fast, soft, durable functional fabrics, it is not easy to change color for a long time. However, its performance in wear -resistant and intensity is better than nylon, and it does not absorb moisture, moldy and sticky snowflakes, and fast dry, which is slightly heavier than nylon.


Backpack capacity

Capacity is an important factor in buying backpacks: the capacity is not enough, and it is easy to lose the items outside and it is easy to lose. When the capacity is too large, the backpack is not easy to be solid. The equipment inside the package will affect the balance due to movement. Therefore, choose a backpack capacity first to establish a list of personal equipment.

A. Based on the length of our journey, you can buy outdoor bags. Generally one -d

ay tour, two -day tour, or some cycling or short -distance mountaineering activities, we can choose outdoor bags below 30L; choose the journey around 3 days to choose from The outdoor bag of about 40L is the best effect. For more than 4 days, you must consider putting some tents, clothing, sleeping bags, moisture -proof pads, etc. The selected outdoor backpack requires a little size. It is important to emphasize that the function of the outdoor bags selected for general outdoor sports and professional climbing campaigns is different. There are many parts of climbing bags selected by climbing. Friends who want to climb Gaoshan must pay attention.

B. Determine the outdoor bags you need to buy according to the number of people traveling. Generally, if you travel alone, you can buy about 30L mountaineering bags. The bag is required to be a bit larger. It is best to choose a better outdoor bag for the suspension system, which is convenient for the family to bring parasols, cameras, kettles, food and other items.

C. Back outdoor backpacks to ensure that the bottom of the backpack cannot exceed the hip, and the upper part cannot exceed half of the head. There must be enough activity space for the head. The ministry also covers, it is very dangerous.

D. Choose outdoor backpacks according to the gender of the user. Since the lady’s body shape and load -bearing ability are different from that, the standards used by climbing bag manufacturers when designing outdoor backpacks are also different. Generally, a short -distance trip for a day or two, the volume of the outdoor backpacks used in the adoption is very small, it is about 30L, men and women can be universal; This is to consider the gender problem of mountaineering bags. If the mountaineering bag selected by men is about 55L, the lady can choose about 45L.

How to choose a ride on a long -distance riding backpack

E. In addition to the details that everyone is easy to ignore, the comfort and style of the outdoor bag must also be carefully selected. All parts of the backpack are required to be soft and comfortable. Pay special attention to the shoulder straps of outdoor backpacks.