Some knowledge in cycling makes your cycling healthier!

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Long -term slow ride heart rate generally does not exceed 65%of the maximum heart rate. For more than 20 minutes, more fat will be “burned” to supply energy. Therefore, it is more suitable for obesity for the purpose of lipid reduction.


Quick ride can make the heart rate reach more than 85%of the maximum heart rate. At this time, the body is mainly provided by sugar -raw anaerobic fermentation, which can improve the anaerobic exercise capacity of the whole body, especially thigh muscles, and help improve the anaerobic threshold. In other words, the physical discomfort after severe exercise will be delayed, helping us engage in higher intensity exercise, or stick to more time during high -intensity exercise. In addition, fast riding is also very valuable for cardiopulmonary function.


In addition to taking into account the aerobic capacity, anaerobic ability, and cardiopulmonary function, the combination of fast and slow ride can also increase the fun of exercise. If you can get scientific guidance and adopt more reasonable fast and slow combination of exercise, you will also achieve better fitness effects.


The medium -speed cycling is to control the heart rate at 65%to 85%of the maximum heart rate, which is a good way to exercise cardiopulmonary function and body aerobic exercise ability. It is best to alternate the above methods during fitness, but one of them is the main one, and at the same time, it is supplemented by other methods to achieve better exercise effects.

In addition, in the early days of exercise, the ride speed should not be too fast. The time is generally 20 to 40 minutes. If it feels fatigue, it can ride slowly for 1 to 2 minutes to restore physical strength. After a stage, gradually increase the strength and duration of exercise.

Some knowledge in cycling makes your cycling healthier!

Ignore the frequency and one -sided pursuit of strength and speed. Many young people who just get started are greedy “multiple” and “fast”. The physical damage is very large, and the stagnation of the knee is severe. Experts suggest that beginners of bicycles find that they are suitable for their own frequency before enhancing the amount of exercise. Ordinary people’s pedal frequency per minute is about 60 to 80 times. At least 20 minutes of high frequency and low speed (that is, multi -effortless effort) are required for each cycling, so that the body can sweat slightly, otherwise it will suddenly exercise and it is prone to symptoms such as dizziness and nausea.

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