Travel is not the greatest medicine, but it is an aspirin

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Is it very tiring to work?

Is life boring?

Do you want to escape the trivial feathers?

Which moment

You suddenly don’t want to consider everything

Go back in a backpack to travel?
You leave the city where you have always been

Then imagine returning to the sun one day?

In fact

Come back when traveling is still waiting for you to solve

Life is still as dull as water

Can’t escape the problem

Can’t change life

Although you can’t solve the poison of life

But it has become the suffering of life
If you are tired

Then go travel

If you are tired, go to Hulunbuir

The spring breeze blows the wilderness and becomes colorful

Like dream, not a fairyland like a fairyland

If you are tired, go to Danba

There is no place again

Being able to follow it, clean and pure

If you are tired, go to Sanya

Let the gentle sea breeze brush your face

Let the soft sandy beach go without your ankle

If you are tired, go to Qingdao

Broken air by the sea

Look at the vast sea

There is a natural more calm in my heart