Fall in love with cycling, let health, beauty, happiness accompany

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How hot is riding?

Just look at Beijing Chang’an Street at night. “It turns out that when you encounter a red light on Chang’an Street, the car can stop next to the zebra crossing. Now, just like” Dumpling Dumplings “, the front” Blackwu “stops a large number of people.” Xia Yang said.

Different from cycling, riding exercise not only regard bicycles as a means of transportation. This is also a sports hobby. It is a way of combining people, sports equipment, and nature. Many cycling enthusiasts ride in the urban area on weekdays, and they choose the “4+2” method (that is, “4 wheels+2 wheels”) during the holidays, driving to the suburbs or a few places to ride.

As cycling has become a fashion, the business of online and offline bicycle shops is hot, and even some models often sell out of stock, which can be described as “difficult to find a car.” Behind the “one car is difficult to find”, on the one hand, due to the impact of the epidemic, people’s long-distance travel has decreased, and outdoor activities in the city and suburbs are sought after; on the other hand, with the “National Fitness Plan (2021-2025 2025 2025, 2025 ) ” The support of the riding campaign has been further increased, and measures such as lanes, running events, and providing relevant support for cycling organizations have improved the riding environment. More importantly, the awareness of mass health has increased, and the enthusiasm for fitness has been further improved so that the riding movement is like taking the east wind.

According to data in the first half of 2021 released by the China Bicycle Association, in the 19 large industries of the light industry, bicycles are one of the few industries with a growth rate of more than 30%, 16.8 percentage points higher than the entire light industry. The number of enthusiasts has increased, and the ridden race is also on the ascendant. The Qinghai Lake International Highway Cycling, Hainan Island International Highway Bicycle Race, Huangshan International Mountain Car Open … Various events have attracted a large number of drivers to participate, and cycling has become a new push for some local economic development.

For individuals, do you need a reason to fall in love with cycling?

Weight loss and fat, both can take a doll and exercise

“At first I was to get rid of the bicycle to lose weight. Later, when I was more addicted, I entered the” pit “of cycling and bought a mountain car.” Zheng Rui said he was a primary enthusiast of cycling, which was convenient and convenient. There is no need for a specific venue, which can be able to exercise and exercise.

As an aerobic exercise, regular cycling does have a positive role in promoting health. Zhu Linlin, the deputy chief physician of the Department of Cardiology, Nanjing First Hospital, said that there is a large-scale study of the topics of riding on health. As far as the research results, cycling can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular death. Specifically, cycling is helpful for obesity, insulin resistance, and decreased cardiopulmonary function. For example, it can improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin and reduce visceral fat, which is very important for our cardiovascular system because obesity and insulin resistance all are both obesity and insulin resistance. Important risk factor for the cardiovascular system. The risk of obesity of people who maintain ride habits can be reduced by 39%, the risk of hypertension can be reduced by 11%, and the risk of diabetes can be reduced by 18%.

However, it is worth noting that when riding, pay attention to control speed and frequency, and excessive exercise will cause damage to the body. Different people have different tolerances for exercise. Zhu Linlin suggested that the first rider maintains a light intermediate exercise intensity. Each ride time is controlled at 30 to 60 minutes, and the speed is maintained at 15 km/h to 20,000. Mi/hour. “It is less than 30 minutes without the exercise effect, and it may adversely affect the bones and male prostate.” She suggested that riding 4 to 5 times a week, and a weekly cycling time is maintained in 150 to 240 minutes. The center of the cycling process is faster than normal, and sweating slightly is the right strength. If wearing the heart rate gauge, the target heart rate can be calculated with 170 reduction in the last age. Follow the principles of gradual progress to gradually increase physical tolerance and increase riding speed and duration.

Zhu Linlin particularly emphasized that people with chronic basic diseases are not suitable for long-term cycling. They can achieve the purpose of improving cardiopulmonary function and improving insulin sensitivity by cycling. The potential risk of challenging the limit may be greater than the benefits of exercise.

Bicycle cycling is not a motion of lower limbs, and the joints of the lower limbs such as knees and ankles are smaller. Li Xu, deputy chief physician of the Department of Sports Medicine, Beijing Jishui Tan Hospital, said that the appropriate amount of cycling can strengthen the bones, muscles and joints, but chronic damage will occur more than the scope of being able to withstand. Like other exercise, muscle stretching is essential after exercise, especially the rope, gluteal muscle and quadriceps. However, do not excessively stretch the muscles before training, otherwise it will cause muscle strength to decrease, but it is more likely to cause knee injury.

Promote the repair of nerve cells, say goodbye to “stress mountains”

Relieving stress and relaxation is also one of the reasons why many people choose to ride. Once a road bicycle athlete’s scheme appeared. During the cycling process, people can make people think about daily tangled things, say goodbye to “stress mountains”, and “when dopamine secretes more, our depression will decrease.”

How does cycling act on human mental health? Li Yinhua, the chief physician of the Department of Psychology of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, said that cycling can speed up the metabolism of brain cells, promote the repair of neuronal cells, improve the activity of neurons, and increase the ability of emotional compression. In addition, cycling can also let people get rid of their previous life model, see more beautiful scenery, and make people have a stronger sense of joy, and it is also conducive to relieving stress and nervousness in a new environment.

Studies have shown that riders can not only achieve good psychological benefits during the cycling process, but these good psychological benefits can extend to the riders’ lives, work, and study, bringing “full energy, more motivated work”, “work”, “work”, “work”, “work” ” Persistence, stronger resistance to strikes “,” rich experience, can handle more emergencies “and other positive impacts.

Li Yihua recommends anxiety, mild depression, and sleep problems, and those interested in cycling can try cycling. Because cycling can see more beautiful things, it is very helpful to block negative thinking such as having “no sense of life and no value”. Cycling also has a calm effect, helps to reduce mental fatigue, relieves anxiety, and help sleep. However, patients with serious mental problems and patients who are taking sedative drugs are not recommended to cycle. Because drugs can reduce the coordination of the body, it is easy to cause accidents.

To meet social needs “social terror” can also become “social cows”

Talking about what can make him ride on the mountain at four or five in the morning, Chen Zhidong, a cycling enthusiast, bluntly stated that riding with a circle of friends is his motivation to get up. He said: “I grew up in a rural environment, and I loved outdoor sports myself. Discuss new equipment with friends in the circle and make new equipment for the schedule. This process is very satisfying.”

“In offline activities, I often ask everyone what the original intention of riding a bicycle. Some people in order to lose weight, are infected by the riders, and they want to join in. I want to join in. I haven’t seen people who have been in ‘social fear’. In the cycling circle, “immersion in dyeing ‘, and the” social terror “people have become’ social cattle ‘.” Jizheng said that riding can make people temporarily make people temporary Leaves a social identity without a good purpose. In the process of cycling, no matter what identity, everyone cooperates together and shares with each other.

Why can “social fear” become “social cattle”? Li Yihua explained: “The common interests of riding experience and equipment as the riding circle can become a good topic entry point, which can alleviate the embarrassment of the initial meeting and reduce social fear.” In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, It will soon let go of psychological prevention.

It should be noted that in the process of communication equipment and experience, riders should be alert to the emergence of comparative psychology. The technology has continued to improve, and the iteration of bicycles and accessories is fast. The popular V -brake bicycles in recent years have rarely asked for it. Excessive pursuit of new products may lead to addiction.

Li Yihua said that if riding will spend most of his time, money, and energy, it will affect normal social functions. If you don’t go cycling, you feel that you don’t have fun or restlessness. If riding addiction has affected normal life and work and has a great impact on yourself and your family, you need a certain psychological intervention. The first method of psychological intervention is self -the adjustment method, which can increase other interests and hobbies to transfer attention, reduce attention to cycling, and establish their own sense of responsibility for other social roles. If you cannot complete it yourself, you can use the second method to help professionals with “desensitization” treatment.

The pursuit of “speed and passion” cannot ignore exercise damage

There are two main types of physical injury brought by cycling. One is that the body maintains a posture for repeated movements, and the joints will circulate chronic damage caused by reuse force. Chronic damage may occur in joints such as wrists, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. The other is acute injuries caused by accidents, such as shoulder joint dislocation, fracture, knee ligament injury, half-moon-board injury, and even sudden breaks that cause people to be thrown out. damage.

Choosing the right bicycle, the correct riding position, and the appropriate exercise strength are the three important conditions to avoid chronic damage. Li Xu pointed out that the long-term bicycle crank may increase the knee flexion angle when riding, thereby increasing joint pressure and increasing the risk of damage. Select the appropriate crank length according to your own height, leg length, and other conditions, and reduce the possibility of joint wear on the hardware. The height of the seat should be flat with the hip joint. In this way, when stepping on the lowest point, the knee flexion angle is 25 degrees to 35 degrees. When the pedal to three o’clock, the knee joint is located directly above the pedal shaft. In this way, you can protect the knee joint. Jicheng said: “The correct power transmission during cycling should be the ass force of the buttocks, and the thighs take their calves straight up and down. The common wrong posture is the knee eight ‘, ankle-motion, etc. It will damage the joint. ”

Li Xu suggested that riding enthusiasts attach importance to cycling damage. If you have symptoms such as pain and swelling during the cycling process, you should temporarily stop cycling. If necessary, go to the hospital for treatment, clarify the cause of pain, treat corresponding treatment, reduce exercise time, reduce training intensity, and reduce the proportion of climbing.

The speed of misjudgment of bicycles is an important reason for accidents during cycling. “You can’t blindly pursue ‘speed and passion’ when riding, especially ‘(Putting the slope’ (going downhill) and when turning around. Cause too fast. “Xia Yang said.

Jicheng said that the ride speed of the cooked hand is about 30 km/h, and the master can reach a speed of 40 km/h to 50 km/h. In addition, ignoring traffic rules, complex pavement terrain, limited fields of vision, and self-level are easy to create traffic accidents. Therefore, in the process of cycling, the rider must wear a helmet, look ahead, hold the brakes, accurately predict, and slow down the brakes in time under danger.

Li Xu also suggested riding with cycling. If a severe acute injury occurs, your companion can help ask for help in time. “At this time, the wounded should not try the activity, and the suggestion of the emergency doctor should listen. If a simple lower limb injury occurs, you cannot walk load.

Fall in love with cycling, let health, beauty, happiness accompany

In addition, experts remind us that the impact of the environment and seasons should be paid attention to during the cycling process. For example, when the air conditioner is not good and the PM2.5 concentration is high, the fitness effect of cycling will be greatly reduced, and it will even adversely affect health. At night, due to visual effects and reaction time, it is prone to accidents and causes acute damage. In summer, high-temperature weather should pay attention to hydration and rest to avoid the occurrence of heat stroke or even “thermal ejection disease”. If you have symptoms such as chest tightness and chest pain, shortness of dizziness, nausea, and vomiting, you must seek medical treatment in time.

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