Why has West Lake always very popular? Not only the quality of the local people is high, this reason is the key!

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Speaking of West Lake, everyone knows that it is located in Hangzhou. Hangzhou is a famous tourist city and is very representative. At the same time, West Lake is also the most famous scenic spot in Hangzhou. In West Lake, you can feel the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou and the deep cultural heritage of the West Lake.

But every holiday and weekend, many tourists from all over the country will gather here, and the entire West Lake is surrounded. For so many years, the popularity of West Lake has continued to increase, but do you know why so many tourists have used West Lake as a tourist destination?

First of all, West Lake has a deep cultural heritage and a strong sense of historical sense. Since the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, many scholars in history have come to West Lake to create West Lake, leaving their own calligraphy works to add cultural heritage to West Lake.


Da Wenhao Su Dongpo also compared the West Lake to “Xizi”. In addition, many folklores are also related to West Lake, such as “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai” and “White Snake Biography”, and West Lake has also become a place for various film and television dramas, which makes people yearn for West Lake.

At the same time, traffic near West Lake is also very convenient.

West Lake is located in the center of Hangzhou, with convenient transportation. It can be said that it can be taken by car!

Moreover, Hangzhou’s geographical location is also very superior. Hangzhou is located in the urban circle of Shanghai and Nanjing. No matter which direction tourists come from in Hangzhou, it takes only 1 hour to reach the high-speed rail. It is also very convenient to visit the surrounding cities after visiting Hangzhou. convenient.

In terms of urban civilization, surveys show that the level of civilization in Hangzhou ranks second in the country.

The civilization of the city is also an important factor that attracts tourists. There are many tourists in Hangzhou, but there are a few tricks to cheat tourists.

Why has West Lake always very popular? Not only the quality of the local people is high, this reason is the key!

The most important reason is that tickets are free! West Lake is the country’s first free 5A-level scenic spot. Two or three hundred tickets for other 5A-level scenic spots can be paid attention to. West Lake has been open to the public for free since 2002. It is a “conscience attraction”. It saves a lot of ticket money during travel, which is very comfortable.

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