Camping? While spring is just right now!

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What is the most popular spring in Shenzhen? In addition to flowers, picnic camping is definitely on the list!

It is no exaggeration to say that camping in Shenzhen has become a lifestyle.

Choose a park with a tent, a picnic pad, or a family, or a family of three or five, and spend a leisurely weekend. The time of gathering is always happy.

Let’s introduce a few most worthy parks!

See “Shenzhen Bay Park”/”Sea Wind Sports Park”

To say that the most lack of lack of scenery in Shenzhen Bay Park is the children’s playful figures.

Parents can rest assured that their children are playing here, because the lawn here is wide and vast, and they can see the children at any time.

This is the most abundant park in camping! In order to set up a tent area, the sea breeze sports park and the sunrise theater are very open, facing the sea, and you can also watch the Shenzhen Bay Bridge up close

In addition to the beach, there are three large lawns in sports parks, which are said to be the same as the standard football field.
When you are lucky, bring a small shovel, and you can dig out small crabs from the gravel. The childhood leisure time, the sea, beach, crab, family … the best memories are here!

See · “Basuguang Silver Leaf Tree Wetland Park”

Basuguang silver -leaf tree wetland park, which is a place where camping enthusiasts want to hide in private, support the tent, and back to the mountains facing the sea, you can appreciate the natural scenery that the urban area cannot feel.

Through the dense mangroves, the clear blue sea and the shell beaches appeared in front of them.

Backing mountains and beautiful scenes of dams are little known to play in Shenzhen. Here is super suitable for small holidays with children.

Camping? While spring is just right now!

Stay away from the fast -paced urban life, and the family enjoys the leisure time of the ancient city of the sea.