Why do you like fishing?

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Do you notice video that has not recommended fishing on the media recently? According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 100 million fishermen across the country. Why do so many people like to fish? I analyze it from the following aspects;

In recent years, the first city’s population aging has been the first to enter an aging society, and there are more and more retired elderly people in the city. Although the elderly in the countryside did not retire, they still like to fish after the farmer was busy. Some elderly people in the city choose to dance square dance, and some elderly people choose to fish. Fishing is a psychological outdoor sports. One is to breathe fresh air, and the other is emotional. Maybe many people are not fishing for fish, but like this feeling close to nature.

Second,How did beginners come? Bring friends, veterans, guests, and boss. As soon as they started contacting fishing, they became interested in fishing. Because the instantaneous adrenaline rises to the entire brain, the feeling of walking in the body is very excited. Only those who really know. For the first time, some people fell in love with fishing, and beginners have also begun making simple fishing gear, and have developed into a hobby for a long time.

The third is that Luya fishing in recent years has attracted many fishing enthusiasts. Why do many people like Luya fishing now because Luya fish does not need too much equipment, but can travel around the world with a pole. Some of the fishing friends I know turned to Rhodeya fishing. Every time I vomit, there are too many equipment fishing in Taiwan. I can’t stand it when I watch it. The main target of Rhodeya fishing is carnivorous fish, which are strongly aggressive for live bait. However, some fishing friends are now fishing grass carp in Rhodeya. The effect is also ideal. Bait fishing requires strong physical strength. It is to make the bait constantly move in the water to achieve the purpose of lure fish bite hooks. Bait fishing can be said to be a new and more challenging fishing way. The feeling of catfish is more thrilling than fishing in Taiwan. It is loved by quite a lot of fishermen.

Why do you like fishing?

Fishing is an outdoor exercise that is good for physical and mental health. It can relieve stress, approach nature, relax the body and mind, and entertain at the same time. I think people who have been in contact with fishing have no reason to hate it. Then why do you like fishing?