Flower viewing in Suzhou is hot! “Yizhimei” Leverages “Flower Economy”

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It’s the time of the year to appreciate plum blossoms again. Recently, everyone’s circle of friends has been frequently screened by plum blossoms. Suzhou’s plum-appreciating resorts also take advantage of “flowers” to bloom and actively incorporate new experience elements. While continuously improving the comfort and satisfaction of tourists, they will accelerate the promotion of the flower-appreciating economy and flower-sea tourism.

Over the past few days, the Xiangxue Seaview Scenic Spot located in Guangfu Town, Wuzhong District has seen an endless stream of tourists who come to enjoy plum blossoms. Meng Yu, a tour guide of the scenic spot, told reporters that the total number of visitors to the scenic spot reached about 33,000 on the last weekend. Popularity at the same time in 2019″.

Not only the Xiangxuehai Scenic Area, but also the Dongshan Yuhua Scenic Area, which was relatively unpopular, has been frequented by plum lovers recently. “Compared to the same period in 2019, the flow of people has increased by at least one-third. Like last weekend, it received nearly 4,000 people a day.” Zhang Shu, the person in charge of the scenic spot, said.

The area around Taihu Lake in Suzhou is a famous scenic spot for plum blossoms. The custom of exploring and admiring plum blossoms in early spring is widely spread. The annual Plum Blossom Festival has also become a major tourist feast in the area around Taihu Lake in early spring. For the convenience of citizens, the Taihu Lake Plum Blossom Festival, in conjunction with the four major plum-appreciating scenic spots of Linwu Meihai, Xiangxuehai, Yuhuashengjing and Yuyangshan, has four themes and launched a series of activities, trying to gather points into a surface and connect the scenic spots in series. Expand the festive effect and create a richer event experience.

In addition to launching the “Xiangxuehaihuayueye” night tour product for the first time, this event also added an “interactive” link. Citizens and tourists can participate in the philatelic check-in activities of the four major plum-appreciating scenic spots. Enter the 4th attraction.

Qian Wei, the relevant person in charge of Suzhou Taihu Cultural Tourism Development (Group) Co., Ltd., said, “Now, through our empowerment on Baotuan, the four major plum appreciation scenic spots will form a regional brand, instead of fighting alone and a single point brand. We Focusing on the Taihu Plum Blossom Festival, a Taihu Lake selection marketing matrix has also been formed on the Douyin side, such as Yuyangshan and Linwudong, or the joint ticket package between Xiangxuehai and Yuyangshan, including other scenic spots and even some accommodation and catering. It enriches the mix of marketing products and gives tourists a better experience. We made an evaluation during the seven days of the Spring Festival, and the flow of people exceeded the level of the same period in 2019.”

At present, the flower appreciation economy and flower sea tourism in Suzhou and its surrounding areas are showing a trend of “a hundred flowers blooming”. At the same time, Suzhou is famous for its gardens, with many types of flowers and good quality, and has unique advantages in developing the flower viewing economy. However, the simultaneous development of the flower viewing economy in various places inevitably has limitations such as homogeneous competition and short flowering periods.

Flower viewing in Suzhou is hot! “Yizhimei” Leverages “Flower Economy”

How to use “Yizhimei” to effectively leverage the “Flower Sea Economy” and how to make the “Flower Sea Economy” last longer? Zhou Yongbo, a professor of tourism management at the Soochow College of Soochow University, believes that the integrated operation of the four major plum-appreciating scenic spots in Taihu Lake is a good way to upgrade tourism consumption.

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