Recommendations for outing travel attractions

Spring is a very suitable season for travel. The sun is shining and the temperature is suitable. There is no heat in summer or cold in winter. What’s more, spring is a season of recovery of all things. Hundreds of flowers are blooming, and the sea of flowers is beautiful. revel. This is a season that is most suitable for relaxation, so where can you go for a spring outing?

Hainan, the scenery in Hainan has always been really good. In March and April every year, the weather here ushers in the most comfortable moment. The sun is shining everywhere, which is very suitable for vacation and is a good choice for spring outing. Hainan has an endless sea area, beautiful tropical scenery, sunshine, sandy beaches, and coconut groves will make tourists feel refreshed and happy, and the travel experience is particularly good.

Going to climb the mountain in Huashan, everyone must have heard about the steepness of Huashan. For mountaineering enthusiasts, Huashan is a mountain that must be conquered, and this is a good time for climbing. The weather and temperature are all so comfortable. Travel The experience is very good. At the same time, in the process of climbing the mountain, the scenery along the way is also very beautiful, suitable for taking pictures and punching in as a souvenir.

Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province, Wuyuan has a very long history. What’s even more rare is that the ecological environment here is very good. People and nature have truly lived in harmony. Walking into the village of Wuyuan is like walking into a painting. In March and April, there are golden rapeseed flowers all over the mountains and plains. The scenery is so charming, it is definitely a good place for spring outing.

The ancient city of Fenghuang is also a good scenic spot suitable for spring outings. This is a famous national historical and cultural city. Different scenery will be presented to tourists throughout the year. Every spring, the scenery of the ancient town is very unique, and the scenery of the whole city becomes more beautiful. Many TV dramas all use the ancient city of Fenghuang as a filming location, such as Chang’an City in “Legend of Sword and Fairy III”. Fenghuang ancient city also has a lot of special delicacies, such as Fenghuang jelly, Fenghuang ginger candy, Miaojia sour soup, etc., which can definitely satisfy the taste buds of tourists.

Recommendations for outing travel attractions

Of course, there are still many places suitable for travel in spring. I don’t know how my friends will choose? Welcome to leave a message.

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