How should camping equipment be prepared? Let novices understand the four key points at once, satisfying your imagination of camping comfort

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If you can drink warm hot chocolate in front of the campfire and play the guitar with your friends, it will be so healing~” Camping in the wild has always been a very popular outdoor activity in Europe and America, and it has also become popular in China in recent years. However, camping is not like ordinary outdoor activities. You only need to bring light equipment to go out. After all, you need to get food, clothing, housing and transportation outdoors. There are many details that are worth noting for novices. The following is an introduction to the four directions that novices can plan for camping, so that you can get started when camping for the first time!

1. How often do you need to buy equipment when camping?

Whether it is ordinary adult camping or parent-child camping equipment, it costs at least 20,000 to 30,000 to 100,000 at most, depending on the brand you choose, the diversity and type of equipment. It is suggested that you can first evaluate whether you just want to experience the fun of camping once, or if you want to try to plan camping as a normal travel. In a nutshell, the common camping thinking logic is as follows:

1. Actual camping experience: Whether you have camped before, you can first book the number of times you will camp in the next year, and then decide the estimated purchase amount.
2. Are there friends who like camping around: If there are, many things can be borrowed from each other first, or ask each other for their opinions.
3. Persistence in camping aesthetics: If you want to arrange the camping environment in a comfortable and atmospheric way, then the equipment can be prepared relatively well.

2. What is the most suitable season for camping?

In Taiwan, spring, autumn and winter are basically the best seasons for camping due to the hot summer and many mosquitoes outdoors. Because the temperature is relatively moderate in spring and autumn, even if you are outdoors, you will not be too hot or too cold. You only need to wear simple and warm clothes. Especially in spring, there is a chance to enjoy fireflies; basically, you only need to avoid the bully in winter. In the super cold current, staying outdoors with a campfire can keep warm, but it feels more like camping.

3. How to choose camping outfits?

Beginner Camping Checklist

After all, camping is an outdoor activity, so it is recommended that you also take a light route when wearing it. Among them, the daily necessities are: underwear, socks, slippers, short-sleeved, thin long-sleeved or down vest, you can choose the clothes you want to bring according to different seasons.
In addition, if you choose to camp in spring, you can bring a sun-proof jacket or hat to avoid heatstroke caused by excessive sunlight outdoors. If you are camping in autumn and winter, you can bring warm coats, gloves, fur hats and scarves to cope with the cooler conditions in the mountains after nightfall.

4. Essential camping checklist

Categories Beginners Camping Checklist
Food ingredients and drinks, mobile kitchen, cassette stove, instant cooker, bowl basket, pot, knife/cutting board, ice bucket
Living Tents (sleeping tents), floor cloths/moisture-proof mats/floor mats, canopy, living room tents/cooking tents, side cloths, sleeping pads/mattresses, air pumps/exhausters, pillows, quilts or sleeping bags, electric blankets, toilets utensils
For camping tables, camping chairs, camping shelves, lighting fixtures/torches, frog lights, extension cords
Camping equipment rental recommendation|Luluye is the first choice
Due to the complicated preparation of camping equipment, if you are a first-time camper, it is recommended to ask a professional camping expert to evaluate the equipment you need to use, so that you can experience the fun of camping without spending too much money. In addition to providing complete and diverse camping supplies, Luluye can also tailor your own camping environment according to your camping scale and needs. Learn about the camping rental process now, and let camping find a haven for your tired soul to relax and rest.

“Close to nature, live an exquisite life”, camping is not only a coexistence with nature, but also a display of life attitude. For novices in camping, from the selection of camping equipment, time and location, to the aesthetics of camping layout, they are all the details that make camping memories better.

How should camping equipment be prepared? Let novices understand the four key points at once, satisfying your imagination of camping comfort

For you who also want to step into picnics and camping, Luluye not only provides picnic props rental, picnic meals, small things around camping and other commodities, if you want to go into nature with relatives, friends, and company colleagues, Luluye Luye Life starts from the aesthetics of life, and can help you plan exquisite group outdoor experience activities. Not only camping and outdoor picnics, we are also good at planning and hosting corporate events and private outdoor parties, and we can be responsible for everything from preliminary planning to execution and recording.

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